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Hello there and thanks for visiting!

Warning: What follows may be unsettling, but there's a happy ending!

I used to believe that to earn more money and be successful I had to work harder and for longer hours...     How WRONG I was!

Is the traditional 'work ethic' stopping you from achieving the success you deserve?

Like most people, you've probably been raised to believe in the traditional 'work-ethic', which maintains you must work hard to get a 'good' job, and work even harder and for longer hours to get promoted in order to earn more money.  

You're also made to believe that you can only be paid according to the number of hours you work, or the number of products or services you supply.

The vast majority of the population are only too happy to buy into this, because they just want to earn a living in the 'normal' way, just like their parents did, and the generations before them.  

Let's face it, most people just want to go to work and get paid at the end of each month, watch TV, watch the football, go shopping, get drunk now and then, take a holiday once a year, and then collect their pension when they're too worn out to work anymore.

They don't want anything different because they can't imagine there's another way.

But I suspect, as you are still reading this, YOU are smarter than that!

Have you ever thought there must be a smarter way of earning a good living?

Most 'successful' people nearly always end up paying a high price for their 'version' of 'success'.   They often work long hours under pressure to achieve tough targets,
suffer work related stress and worry about job security, etc.

Most folks perception of 'success' is fake!

So what is real success?

Well, I think Christopher Morley, the American journalist, novelist and poet gave a very good definition when he said:

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way."

In other words, real success equals FREEDOM.

So let me ask you a question...

Would YOU like the freedom to...

tick  Do something you enjoy and make the most of your precious life?

tick  Work the hours of YOUR choice and still make a good income?

tick  Spend quality time with your family, friends or by yourself?

tick  Be able to spend money without worrying about the consequences?

tick  Become financially secure in an uncertain economic climate?

And freedom from...

cross iconThe endless drudgery of a job you hate?

cross icon The threat of redundancy, repossession or bankruptcy?

cross iconHaving to get by on a pension or other fixed income?

If your answer is YES, I've got some great news for you.

There IS a smart way, unknown to 99.99% of the populiation, to earn a good living and achieve some real success and freedom, and if you'll allow me, I'd like to show you EXACTLY how to do it.

I'd like to show you how anyone, without any previous knowledge, skill or experience, can now harness the power of the internet and 'out-smart' established online businesses and even large corporations, simply by following a few simple instructions.

I know that might sound incredible to you right now.  But one feature of the internet is that it really does offer everyone a level playing field in business.   It empowers the 'average' person, sitting at home with a laptop, to make easy profits, instead of having to struggle to make ends meet in the offline world.

Whether you want to earn enough to make a good living, or just to boost your income, this is a genuine chance to make good money from home, part-time  - not some pie-in-the-sky get rich quick scheme...

So you CAN enjoy real success & freedom 
thanks to the internet, BUT...

Here's the BAD news!

I know I'm probably going to upset a few of the so called 'internet marketing gurus' when I say this, but I really don't care, and anyway, I think you deserve the HONEST TRUTH...

Having read, studied and tested hundreds of 'earn money at home online'  type books and dvd's, it seems to me that most opportunities' fall into one of two categories:

  1. Low paid, time consuming work, such as make money online surveys, tutoring jobs, data entry jobs or selling household items on eBay.   OK, I like the idea of working at home, but I didn't just want a job or just to make spare cash at online auctions - I wanted to make real money and to be in control.

  2. Ebooks, DVD's & courses on internet marketing that are unsuitable for beginners, promote outdated methods, or just teach ONE part of what you really need to know to actually make money.      For example,
  • They might offer you a product to resell - but not much else

  • They might show you how to find a market - but not much else.

  • They might show you how to build a website - but not much else.

  • They might show you how get customers - but not much else.

  • They might show you how to increase sales - but not much else.

And so on and so forth... Get the picture? 

They are giving you just ONE part of a jigsaw and expect you to go away and make up the rest of the picture by yourself!

Some time ago I began thinking it was only these gurus who were making money online.  Perhaps you've tried to make money on the internet yourself and had the same thoughts, problems and frustrations?   Not easy, is it?

But it's WORSE than you think!  Here's why...

What about all the wasted time?

If you DO believe there's a better way of earning a living in this day and age, how are you going to feel in 5 or 10 years time when you STILL haven't figured out how to do it yourself and STILL keep reading about how these slick marketers earn money while they sleep, drive around in their luxury cars and take exotic holidays at the drop of a hat?

Meanwhile, you are still in the SAME job, still in the SAME traffic line, still suffering the SAME boss, still with the SAME prospects, and still clinging on to the SAME but now fading dream of breaking free of your daily grind. 

How will you feel?  

Crap... that's how you'll feel!

And I don't blame you, because I once felt the same.

As I said earlier though, I've got fabulous news and a happy ending, just for you...

There is a solution...
'Online Income Breakthrough'

Make money at home online with Online Income Breakthrough

My new eBook, Online Income Breakthrough, is a step-by-step training manual that will show you EXACTLY how to make money from home online using a simple, well proven system - even if you are a 'tech-scared newbie'!

This simple-as-ABC system is clearly presented using straightforward instructions, pictures and diagrams, so you can follow it easily, at your own pace, without having any technical skills.    

No previous knowledge is required.   

Sure, you need to be able to use a computer, operate simple programs like a word processor and search the net, but there's really nothing here that couldn't be handled by the average 13 year old!

All you need to do is follow the instructions, parrot fashion, and I promise you'll be banking in no time.

Please don't waste time on outdated, unreliable or 'dodgy' methods which may at best make you a few dollars and at worst get your sites banned from the search engines.  

Online Income Breakthrough
will show you how to do things right, first time, and avoid expensive or time wasting mistakes made by others.  Using easy-to-follow instructions, you'll quickly discover how to
create a long-term, passive income within as little as 7 days.

Online Income Breakthrough gives  you the FULL picture - in ONE book, saving you $100's if not $1000s in multiple product fees.

Isn't it about time you broke free of the traditional work-ethic, so that YOU can choose WHAT to do, and WHEN to do it?   Wouldn't you love to make your family proud and your friends envious when they discover what you're doing?


How can I make this promise to you?

OK, this may sound great, but how did Online Income Breakthrough come about, and why should you be listen to me?

Well, quite some time ago now I started researching affiliate marketing.   You may already be familiar with this - if so, please bear with me a moment.   If not, basically, it involves recommending another company's products, referring internet users to the company's website, and then collecting commission payments when your referral results in a sale.

I could see affiliate marketing was a multi-billion dollar industry which was growing year after year.   And even more interesting - the vast majority of folk making this money were work-from-home part-timers!

I quickly realised this strategy could be quickly followed with little effort to provide a very useful regular income, and had a number of stunning, 'built-in' advantages:  

tick Residual, automatic, 24 / 7 / 365 income, after it's set up

tick  No selling

tick  No products to stock or supply

tick No customer service to fulfil

Even back then there were lots of books and courses on how to do affiliate marketing, but I wasn't satisfied with the basic strategy being promoted.

You see, I didn't want to pay a web designer $1,200+ to build a fancy website, or spend goodness knows how long building one myself - I didn't have a clue how to build a website, anyway!

I much preferred the idea of using a simple blog that I could quickly put together myself, without getting into all that HTML code and design stuff.

Also, I wanted to drive LOADS of traffic (visitors) to my site WITHOUT spending much on advertising, AND I wanted to see results within DAYS, not weeks or months.    
Quite a tall order!

But I knuckled down, dug deep, got some help from a few well chosen experts, tested, refined and eventually worked things out.   

I  eventually came up with my own user-friendly version of a strategy that worked better, faster and easier than anything I'd come across before.

Don't get me wrong, though.   I'm not claiming to be the world's best marketer who's somehow invented something completlely new - I'm not that clever!   

I only use tried, tested and proven tactics.   It's just that I've brought these things together into a system that's simple to follow and produces good results for any 'regular person', without them having to be some kind of tech geek or business genius!

If this can work for me (computer dummy), it'll work for anyone!   

Why share this all with you?   Well, there's no need to keep it to myself.

There are literally tens of thousands of untapped niche markets waiting to be exploited and I'm hardly going to make a ripple in the ocean even if I and many others continue milking it for the rest of our lives. 

I can't go into too much detail here, but you will appreciate this more fully when you read the book.

And if you're anything like me, I imagine you've been let down by great sounding business opportunities promising the earth.   So I thought, hey, I've finally found something with proven earnings potential that can be copied by anyone with an open mind, so why not share it with others and prove to them they don't have to work harder to do better?

Please understand though, this is a real, legitimate opportunity to improve your life - not just another 'get rich quick scheme'.   

If you're looking for ways to make a fortune inside your first month without putting in any effort, this is not for you & I'd respectfully ask you to stop reading this now and return to playing the lottery!

In Online Income Breakthrough you'll find everthing you need to know to get up and running and banking your very own residual income in no time!

Just look at some of the things I'll be revealing:


How to avoid a TON of hassle, time and frustration when working  online - if you've ever got angry with your PC you NEED this!  (Page 13)
tick How to discover 1000's of untapped niche markets with little or no competition AND choose a niche that's perfect for YOU - many people get this terribly wrong - but not you!  (Pages 17 - 21)
tick Where to find commercial websites that are absolutely DESPERATE to pay YOU fat commissions.  (Page 23)
tick Where to find the very best, profit-loaded keywords and how to use them to devastating effect.  (Pages 33 - 42)
tick Keywords you should NOT use.  (Pages 37 - 41)
tick The proven, dummy-proof formula for converting crowds of visitors into eager buyers.  (Page 47)
tick The SUBTLE secret to making money online - unknown to 99.9% of site owners - and it's got nothing to do with being a good 'tech geek', salesperson or designer!   (Page 48)
tick What Google is INCREASINGLY looking for when deciding how highly to rank a webpage in its results.   This under appreciated inside knowledge is alone worth 1,000s!  (Page 58)
tick Avoid THIS or your FAILURE is guaranteed!  (Pages 69 - 70)
tick How to choose the BEST domain name for your site (this is FAR more important than you might think. (Pages 73 - 75)
tick How a 'tech-scared' newbie can quickly build a blog
that  attracts visitors like helpless moths towards an electric floodlight.  (Pages 78 - 96)
tick The 'back-door' tactics that quickly throw your site wide open to FLOODS of FREE Google traffic.  (Pages 97 -104)
tick How to EASILY commandeer the MOST EFFECTIVE source of free traffic available on the internet.   (Pages 107 - 116)
tick How to make a ton of money from visitors who LEAVE your site without buying anything!  (Pages 116 - 119)
tick How to nurture the 5 qualities needed to succeed online.   Yes, you probably DO have these qualities, but you must know what they are and practise them.    (Pages  124 - 127)

Let me assure you, the system detailed in Online Income Breakthrough can be set up without any technical knowledge.   It starts raking in the cash much faster than similar systems you might come across, and profits can build up into a long term source of income you can rely upon for months and years to come. 

You'll be given the FULL and EXACT details of how to do things properly, straight from the word GO!

I'm so sick and tired of seeing so many people misled, confused and disappointed when it comes to making money online, I'm just not going to ALLOW you to mess up.

A problem faced by many newcomers to online marketing, is 'information overload'.  They become overwhelmed with too much information.   They don't know where to start, and find it difficult to know how to proceed and make best use of their limited time and money.

This won't happen to you, because you'll be guided every step of the way and advised exactly what are the important, 'mission critical' things you NEED TO DO to succeed, and not be side-tracked by time-wasting irrelevancies.

And in case you are wondering, your age, background, experience, intelligence, skill and gender are all completely IRRELEVANT here.

The only things you need to succeed with this, is a computer, an internet connection, and the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

If you can keep an open mind and follow a few simple, step-by-step instructions, you're half-way there already.

How much can you realistically expect to make using this system, and how soon? 

Well, I can't quote exact figures and timescales because I don't know if you will properly implement my instructions.    Other factors are at play too, such as the type of niche subjects you decide to target.

But to give you an idea, if you follow all the instructions and put them into action over a few hours each week, you should expect to make, on average, a 3 figure monthly income from EACH blog.   With several blogs up and running, expect to multply your earnings to a few thousand per month.    In time, you could get to 5 figures per month!

It's up to you how quickly you reach those earnings and how far you want to take it.

These figures are real and attainable by the average person who is willing to take action, do things right and not give up!

I know students who have used this to fund their studies, stay-at-home moms who have used it to pay for holidays and cars, and others who have created envied lifestyles for themselves and their families - giving them more money, time and FREEDOM to live life on their own terms and not on someone else's.

Just imagine, not having to work long hours, not having to commute to work, not having to answer to an ungrateful boss, not having to struggle with debt or survive on a fixed income...    

Having run a home based business for over 20 years, I can tell you I really love the independence and wouldn't swap it for anything.

So here's YOUR deal...

As soon as you place your order, you can instantly download your personal copy of Online Income Breakthrough, a comprehensive 127 page training manual that will reveal EVERYTHING you need to know to make money online from the comfort of your own home - by working smarter rather than working harder.

This simple-as-ABC strategy is clearly presented using step-by-step instructions, pictures and diagrams so you can follow it easily, at your own pace, without having any technical skills.

PLUS, I'll throw in a free lifetime update service so I can keep you up to speed on any updates, new developments and resources as they become available.

So what should I charge for all this?

Surely, a step-by-step, foolproof plan, detailing a proven strategy that uses methods approved by Google (which is important, believe me), that virtually anyone can use to make 1000s per month, is worth at least $100?

Well I know it is, and I know you will too when you see it.   There are in fact similar products on the market costing hundreds, and various seminar/coaching programs that will set you back thousands - maybe you've attended one yourself? 

The thing is, though, I really want as many people as possible to benefit from this as quickly as possible, which is why  I've decided not to charge anything like that figure...

I want to make sure I'm over-delivering on this, so here's the deal...

If you order your personal copy of Online Income Breakthrough TODAY, 

ou can have it for just $47

$17  SALE

And you have nothing to lose because you can...

Take A Full 60 Days To Put This To The Test With My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Take a Full 60 days to put this to the test.  If this eBook doesn't show you exactly how a complete beginner can make money at home online, just claim a full and instant refund, either through us, or via Clickbank - no delay, no questions asked.

Start Your Risk Free 60 Day Trial Now!

(Delivery via immediate download of PDF & MS Word files, at any time or from any location)

I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am about this and won't even think about asking for a refund.   I really want you to succeed with this and be 100% satisfied.

PLUS, as a 'Thank You', I'll add even more value for you with Three Bonuses That'll Nicely Complement 'Online Income Breakthrough...

BONUS #1:  (Supplied as MS Word + PDF documents at time of download)

Online Income Breakthrough: Data Sheets   (Real Value: $40)

A set of 5 printable and interactive fillable forms which will allow you to easily record and organize the essential information you'll use to create your killer blog as described in the Online Income Breakthrough eBook.

BONUS #2:  (Supplied as PDF document at time of download)

The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint   (Real Value: $50)

The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint EbookThis eBook has been specially edited by Gary Hicks and works as an excellent companion to Online Income Breakthrough.   Reveals how to get the most out of your blog, such as:

tick  How to create content that invites loads of links and that the search engines LOVE

tick  How to correctly market your blog and network just like the "Big Boys" 

tick  How to monetize your blog for MAXIMUM Conversions

tick The secrets of how to PROPERLY use social networks to drive loads of  traffic and which are the best networks to use

tick  And much more that can't be mentioned here smiling smiley

BONUS #3:  (11 short studio quality videos supplied at time of download)

eBay Profit Transformer 
  (Real Value: $50)

This isn't just a tired, old, "How to make money on eBay" product!
  These professional videos can help you 'transform' $10 'bargain mentality' auction buyers into long term customers worth $1,000's to you!

Introducing you to some little known facets of eBay, these videos will show you how to use some powerful keyword and niche research tools and reveal how to source products at wholesale, allowing you to make a good 'front-end' profit on eBay and higher margin 'back-end' sales off your own site.

Incredibly, hardly any eBay sellers do this!

To Sum Up, Here's What You Get In Total...

Online Income Breakthrough (ebook)
Real Value: $100+

Online Income Breakthrough (Data Sheets)        Real Value: $40

The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint (ebook)             Real Value: $50

eBay Profit Transformer (Video Series)             Real Value: $50 

A Total Real Value of Over $240... 

But today, you only pay $17!

I hope I'm coming across to you as a genuine, 'real' person running a real 'bricks & mortar' business, who cares about your success.   As you can see, if there is any 'risk' here, it's all squarely on my shoulders, so go ahead....

Here's what you should do RIGHT NOW...

Click the button below, because when you do, you'll be able to download Online Income Breakthrough straight away, whatever the time, and be INSTANTLY on your way to enjoying your very own online income...

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I wouldn't wait until tomorrow though...   
Seriously, if there is any sort of 'catch' to this offer, it's this...

You May Have To Pay More For This, TOMORROW!

Why?   Because $17 is a genuine sale price.

You are fortunate to be one of the first to be offered this at a sale price, but I can't guarantee how long this price will last.  

Now obviously I don't know exactly when you are reading this, so this sale price could literally dissappear after you leave this page.

You could try risking it, but please don't be angry or upset with me if you decide to 'sleep on it' and miss out on a $30 saving for the sake of a few hours delay!

Really, this shouldn't be a big decision for you.   

Let's face it, $17 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you’re going to waste (or have already wasted) trying to learn how to make real money online.

And don't forget there's no risk on your part, because you are fully covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, which is backed by ClickBank, the internet's leading retailer of digital products.

Make money at home online with Online Income Breakthrough

Take A Sneak Peek!:

Click Here to view the first 12 Pages, including Table of Contents - If you have trouble viewing this, download Adobe Reader Here

Please note
, the book is delivered as an instantly downloadable PDF eBook, not a printed book.  The entire book can be printed out onto paper or read on a PC or Mac.

The book is also interactive, allowing you to click on links to websites and other useful resources on the internet.

Get ready to create an automatic online income - just by using this powerful eBook.  
It's easy to get started right away.   Just follow the easy-as-ABC instructions in this manual and you'll finally be able to make real money online for yourself - rather than endlessly reading about how to do it in theory!

Click the button for instant access - even if it's 3am in the morning! 

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I sincerely hope you decide to join me and claim true freedom for yourself, courtesy of Google!

To your online success,

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Gary Hicks

P.S.   Don't leave this until tomorrow or you may lose the special test price or get distracted and miss out on this altogether.  As the saying goes: "Time waits for no man" (or woman!).   The clock below shows Eastern Time, in USA and Canada, but it still keeps passing at the same speed wherever you are on planet Earth!

Your time is precious and irreplaceable.   I don't want you to postpone your success and true freedom a second longer.   Make money at home online now using these simple steps...

Get Instant Access Before It's Too Late!

  Still not convinced this is a great resource?   At least download a free copy of our new report: 'The Ten Commandments of Earning Money Online'.

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